• Black spots on your tomato plants? Lettuce tips turning brown?  Holes and brown streaks inside your potatoes?

    Blossom end rot, tip burn and hollow heart are just a few of the signs of calcium deficiency in plants.

    Regular application of fast-acting Nutri-Cal throughout the growing season promotes superior disease resistance in plants, greater yields and longer fruit and vegetable storage life.

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  • Tomato plants wilting? White powder on your rose leaves? Brown lesions attacking your corn?

    Verticilium wilt, powdery mildew, rust and other plant fungus disease result from potassium deficiency, an all too common problem.

    Nutri-K delivers potassium directly through plant leaves, immediately combatting fungal disease and improving drought resistance.

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  • Big yields, long storage life, and large fruits and vegetables are vital for any commercial grower who wants to maximize profits. 

    That’s why more and more growers are turning to Nutri-Cal and Nutri-K for superior disease resistance, drought resistance, and larger harvests of premium quality fruits and vegetables.

    Regular applications throughout the growing season pay for themselves many times over. Try it today!

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