NutriCal - with Description


An Insurance Policy for Your Plants

How often have you looked forward to harvesting fresh homegrown produce … nurtured it until it was nearly full grown … only to wake up one day and find black spots on your tomatoes, or the tips of your lettuce turning brown?

Have you picked carrots that looked fine, yet had no crunch? Or cut open healthy-looking potatoes and found holes and brown streaks in the center?

These are just a few signs of the all-too-common problem of calcium deficiency.

Calcium-related problems tend to appear as plants mature, after you’ve already invested considerable time, effort and money growing them. As cruel as that is, there’s good news: preventing calcium-related plant problems is both easy and economical.

Simply spray on Nutri-Cal once per week during the growing season, and that’s all the insurance policy you need. Treating the entire garden for the season costs the average home gardener less than the price of a few tomatoes. Isn’t it worth a couple minutes a week and a few pennies a day to make sure you get to enjoy the fruits – and vegetables – of your labor?

Product Options

Protect your harvest. Grow healthy with Nutri-Cal.

Regular application of Nutri-Cal will: 

  • Protect against common disorders
  • Increase yields
  • Produce larger fruits and vegetables
  • Promote drought resistance
  • Improve storage life

 What’s more, Nutri-Cal is:

  • Easy to use. Just spray on
  • Absorbed instantly for fast results
  • Proven effective in independent tests
  • Used internationally by professional growers
  • Environmentally friendly