High assimilation organically complexed liquid calcium. It prevents and corrects nutritional disorders caused by calcium deficiency.


The organic acids in this formulation create intermediate stability calcium chelates; that protect the plant from the cuticle and epidermis of the leaf or fruit allowing easy flow through conduction tissues and effective entry into the demanding cells.
Causes of Calcium Deficiency in Plants...
... and The Nutri-Cal Solution

Even if your soil is calcium-rich, it’s all too easy for plants to suffer from a calcium deficiency. Here’s why:
Problem #1

Calcium often reacts with other elements in the soil, such as phosphorus, to create an insoluble compound. Such insoluble compounds are not available for uptake by plants.

The Nutri-Cal Solution: Nutri-Cal is sprayed directly on leaves, where it is absorbed by the plant almost instantly.
Problem #2

When calcium enters the plant through the roots, it often forms an insoluble compound within the plant. The calcium sits in the roots, unavailable to the fruit or vegetable where it is needed.

The Nutri-Cal Solution: The calcium in Nutri-Cal is “hidden” in a natural plant extract that allows for easy delivery to the plant and absorption through leaf and fruit cell walls.
Problem #3

Even when calcium is available to the plant, it only moves into the fruit for about 4 to 6 weeks after bloom. As the plant grows, it’s increasingly vulnerable to calcium deficiency disorders as harvest time nears.

The Nutri-Cal Solution: Because leaves absorb Nutri-Cal directly and immediately, weekly applications of Nutri-Cal ensure that the entire plant receives adequate calcium supplies throughout the entire growth cycle.
Problem #4

Drought conditions increase the likelihood of calcium deficiency. Even when calcium is available in the roots, sufficient moisture is required to move it to the fruit or vegetable in need of nourishment.

The Nutri-Cal Solution: Nutri-Cal reduces the need for transpiration by delivering calcium directly to plant leaves and fruit. What’s more, Nutri-Cal aids in fertilizer uptake, which develops strong roots and helps combat stress during times of drought.

Protect your harvest. Grow healthy with Nutri-Cal.


The organic acids in this formulation create intermediate stability calcium chelates; that protect the plant from the cuticle and epidermis of the leaf or fruit allowing easy flow through conduction tissues and effective entry into the demanding cells.



  • Reduces or eliminates many disorders due to calcium deficiency.
  • Enhances stress tolerance.
  • Promotes a longer storage and shelf life.
  •  Easy foliar application.
  •  Improves harvest quality.
  • Regular application of Nutri-Cal throughout the growing season provides available calcium for better organoleptic properties.
  •  It causes rapid response in crops.
  • Non-Toxic and non-corrosive.





Independent Research Proves Nutri-Cal Improves Yields, Firmness and Shelf Life

In study after study, weekly applications of Nutri-Cal produced larger yields, firmer fruit and longer storage time for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. See for yourself some of the impressive results that Nutri-Cal achieved in these independent tests:





  • Reduced bitter bit by over 50% after two months in storage
Michael Devencenzi, Woodbridge, CA


  • Improved firmness 10%
  • Increased shelf life 64%
Tuskegee University


  • Increased weight by 13%
  • Improved external firmness 37%
University of Arizona


  • Produced 38% more premium size cherries
  • Improved firmness 6%
Ron Britt & Assoc.


  • Improved firmness 9%
Michigan State University


  • Reduced bunch rot 28%
  • Increased yield 20%
Ron Britt & Assoc.


  • Produced 18% more pounds per acre
Salinas Valley Grower Trial


  • Increased yield 26%
  • Produced 24% more jumbo onions
Steve Holland Agricultural Services


  • Improved firmness 128% one week after harvest
Rutgers University


  • Improved firmness 8%
  • Increased yield 30%
Tree Fruit Research Lab


  • Improved cell wall thickness 46%
  • Produced 403% more extra large peppers
Research Designed For Agriculture


  • Increased yields 18%
  • Improved number of useable potatoes by 15%
Holland Agricultural Services


  • Compared to lime, double the amount of bio-available
    calcium in the soil after 8 weeks
University Rhode Island


  • Increased yield 17%
  • Produced 57% more extra large fruit
North Carolina State University

Full report summaries available on request.

Protect your harvest. Grow healthy with Nutri-Cal.

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