Commercial Grower Benefits

Protect Your Crops, Boost Yields and Profits With Nutri-Cal

For over 25 years, Nutri-Cal has helped commercial growers increase profits three ways:

  1. Disease Protection.  Calcium deficiency is an insidious problem. It rarely shows up until plants are well on their way to maturity, after thousands of dollars and hundreds of labor hours have been invested. It can wipe out entire crops, usually when it’s too late replant for the season. There’s nothing to be done except eat your losses and wait for next year. What a shame, when an ounce of prevention could so easily have made the difference.
  2. Larger Yields. Healthy plants mean healthy harvests. Independent tests prove over and over that regular applications of Nutri-Cal boost yields, usually by 15%, 20% or more. In addition, most growers find that Nutri-Cal produces a far greater quantity of premium-sized produce, further increasing your bottom line. Nutri-Cal helps you grow significantly more without cultivating additional fields.
  3. Longer Shelf Life. The longer your produce stays firm and fresh, the greater your sales opportunities. Independent tests  repeatedly confirm that Nutri-Cal improves firmness and lengthens storage time for virtually every crop, giving you yet another edge on your competition.

Unlike other forms of calcium, Nutri-Cal acts fast because its patented delivery system makes it immediately available to plants. In addition, it’s non-corrosive, so it won’t damage equipment.

Don’t let late-season disease wipe out your profits. Maximize your yields with just a tiny investment in time and money. For just a few cents per acre of application, use Nutri-Cal to help you ensure healthy harvests and healthy profits.

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