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Nutri-Cal, the top-selling organically complexed liquid calcium supplement on the market today, was pioneered by CSI Chemical Corporation in Bondurant, Iowa in alliance with Innovak Global.

CSI started in 1955 as a manufacturer of liquid fertilizers for Midwestern grain farmers and retailers. In the early 1970’s, our attention turned to that fact that even though local soils tested high for calcium, crops still suffered from calcium deficiency disorders. We began to investigate and make alliances with Innovak Global, the company with the most extensive experience in biostimulation from the roots, internationally recognized as a leader in the development of bio-rational solutions focused on improving the quality of fresh foods and productivity of crops.

We soon learned that the calcium in the soil was locked in insoluble compounds, unavailable for uptake by plants. After years of research and testing, we launched Nutri-Cal, a readily available source of calcium for fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs and grass.

Nutri-Cal works by “hiding” the calcium ion in a natural plant extract that allows for easy delivery to plants and absorption through leaf and fruit cell walls. The result is fast-acting results, protection against common calcium deficiency disorders, healthier plants, and greater yields. Professional growers and home gardeners around the globe rely on Nutri-Cal to protect their harvests and maximize their yields.

In 2016, CSI was accquired by long time partner Innovak Global.