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Help Plants Fight Environmental Stress

If you’re like most home gardeners, you understand the need for a balanced fertilizer to improve the health, growth and yield of your plants. Chances are, you’ve also learned through hard experience that that’s not always enough.

From drought to fungal disease, environmental stressors can wreak havoc in the garden. It’s amazing how little it can take to wipe out the result of months of effort. Blight, blossom end rot, bitter pit, tip burn and other more plant disorders can attack stressed plants incredibly fast.

Weekly applications of Nutri-Cal during the growing season can do wonders to build drought and disease resistance. What’s more, you’ll enjoy greater yields … larger fruits and vegetables … and longer storage life. Unlike other forms of calcium, it’s readily available for immediate uptake by plants so it acts fast.

Don’t learn the hard way. Protect your harvest. Order Nutri-Cal today!