Immersed in the knowledge economy, our company has undertaken research, technological development and innovation (RTD & I) as a fundamental basis to growth and to generate knowledge for our customers.

For more than 40 years, they have been developing products from plant extracts (ECCA-Carboxy Technology) designed to meet the needs of farmers

Currently, they are working on projects related to the regulation of root dynamics by integrating a variety of tools for managing the rhizosphere in order to maximize crop productivity; as well as projects aimed at developing semiochemicals for controlling pests and diseases in strategic crops.

To fulfill its tasks, the department RTD & I Innovak has laboratories in microbiology, molecular biology, physicochemical analysis and pilot plant, equipped with the latest technology. It also has PhD’s, professors and science graduates with various specialties, all of them with several years of experience in research.


During the various processes of technological development that the company has carried out we have always searched links with major national research institutions and internationally; Innovak Global has a strategic alliance for innovation network (SAIN) involving research centers and major universities of Mexico and the United States is expected to also include other companies that act as trade and technology partners.